Deadlines relating to Convention

2/11: Convention Dues ($70 per student or chaperone) must be postmarked AS ONE CHECK PER CHAPTER to Joy Collins by 2/11. See the bottom of the first page of the Convention Information Packet (can be found on the State Convention Page).

2/11: Applications for state-wide officer candidates must be filled out and postmarked to Frank Gumerlock by 2/11. See the bottom of the first page of the Convention Information Packet.

2/11: Pre-convention contests must be physically sent (digitally for poem, essay, video, etc.) and postmarked to Frank Gumerlock by 2/11. See the bottom of the first page of the Convention Information Packet.

2/14: Certamen Questions must be sent to Joy Collins. See the bottom of the first page of the Convention Information Packet.

2/14: Convention Registration Packets must be shared with


Hope to see y’all at convention.


Meet Your New Officers and Changes to the Website

Salvete! Your guys’ awesome machinator has been really busy and has gone through and updated the website with a bunch of cool new stuff. To start, there are new biographies and pictures of the current officers that can be found under the Chairs and Officers page. If you need to contact them, just email them using the emails found in their biographies.

Secondly, I have added some new documents and information under the Students page with regards to what the purpose of COJCL is, the Constitution for COJCL, and other documents. Go check it out for information on what makes COJCL work the way it does.

If you guys are interested, we would love to have some photos of your guys’ chapters doing fun things together. If you send them to the historian at, we might include some of them in the next edition of the torch or in a gallery that will soon be added to the website; we just need some pictures to get the gallery started, so go ahead and send us those fun pics and selfies!

Finally, if you guys have some friends at another school who are interested in starting their own chapter of COJCL at their school, there is information found under the starting a chapter page that will allow them to start their own chapters. This page also has information about dates for registration, costs, and a few other items.

We look forward to working with all of you guys this year. It’s gonna be a great one. Please explore the website and look forward to future events like the Ludi Augusti coming in winter 2017 (Details to come).


Brayden (Brady) Lane, the machinator (that is pronounced like machInAtor)

CU Boulder Classics Department Visit 2016

The COJCL officers are excited to announce that Saturday, September 24th, we will be hosting the first ever CU Classics visit along with the Colorado Classics Association! For those of you who have gone to CU Classics Day in the past, this event will be very similar, just on a smaller scale; although the Rocky Mountain Romans will not be joining us, the Classics department is putting on lectures, Q&A sessions, and tours. Additionally, the COJCL officers will be hosting a Certamen competition and a costume contest. The event is entirely free, though COJCL will be accepting donations. We can’t wait to see you there!

If you are interesting in attending this event, please look at this PDF about the different workshops and times of different events. CU Boulder Classics Visit 2016 Flier

In regards to Art Submission at Convention

Art will be checked in with stickers you receive along with your badge upon arrival, however, it is recommended that you submit an index card with the following information so that the judges can better understand the intent and/or inspiration of your piece. This is optional of course!

If you choose to write a card, include ONLY the following information:

Category: (Mixed Media, charcoal, etc…)

Title of your piece: (if any)

Inspiration: If you would like judges to know how you got your idea, write it here.

Attribution: If you copied an original work, cite it here.

You may include any other information about your piece, such as how it relates to the theme, or about materials you used.

It is important that no name and no school information is on the card. Your student information sticker, included with your badge, will connect you to your piece when you check in.

Be ready for the Bazaar!

This year we’re planning to have plenty of T-Shirts and other Latin related merchandise stocked for all your yearly Latin related needs! Remember to bring some money to buy some Souvenirs at our CoJCL Bazaar. Products (like below) will be featured!



The ducks are also excited for all the new homes they shall be traveling too.