In regards to Art Submission at Convention

Art will be checked in with stickers you receive along with your badge upon arrival, however, it is recommended that you submit an index card with the following information so that the judges can better understand the intent and/or inspiration of your piece. This is optional of course!

If you choose to write a card, include ONLY the following information:

Category: (Mixed Media, charcoal, etc…)

Title of your piece: (if any)

Inspiration: If you would like judges to know how you got your idea, write it here.

Attribution: If you copied an original work, cite it here.

You may include any other information about your piece, such as how it relates to the theme, or about materials you used.

It is important that no name and no school information is on the card. Your student information sticker, included with your badge, will connect you to your piece when you check in.

Be ready for the Bazaar!

This year we’re planning to have plenty of T-Shirts and other Latin related merchandise stocked for all your yearly Latin related needs! Remember to bring some money to buy some Souvenirs at our CoJCL Bazaar. Products (like below) will be featured!



The ducks are also excited for all the new homes they shall be traveling too.

Get ready for Colorado Latin Convention 2015!

CoJCL hopes that all schools are getting ready for convention! With only one month left, it’s time  to start getting ready, because pretty soon we’ll all be enjoying the classics up in the mountains. We’re super excited and we know you are too. 

We’ll see you up there!