Chairs and Officers

 Our 2017-2018 Officers

Vivian Tang

Vivian Tang

Salvete omnes! My name is Vivian Tang, and I will be your COJCL president for this upcoming year. I am a senior taking Latin 4 at Fairview High School. This year, I hope to get a state delegation going at the NJCL National Convention in July and to continue to grow the COJCL.  Outside of JCL, my hobbies include figure skating, playing the harp, and spending time with my rabbits, Lulu and Winston. Please feel free to contact me at!
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Vice President
Emma Salas

Salvete Omnes! My name is Emma Salas, and I will be your CoJCL Vice President for this upcoming school year. I am going to be a senior at Liberty Common High School, taking Latin 5. Some of my hobbies include golfing with friends, studying, and working hard! I can’t wait to share my input for this year’s JCL Convention and make it awesome! Feel free to contact me at!

Youngbin Yoon

Salvete! My name is Youngbin Yoon, and I am your secretary for this year. I will be a junior taking Latin III at Fairview High School, and I’m very excited for another year of COJCL! In addition to Latin, I love playing the cello, baking, and doing Taekwondo. I hope to get to know many of you this year through COJCL! Feel free to contact me at
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Vivian Bear

Salvete Omnes! My name is Vivian Bear. I am a junior at Liberty Common High School in Fort Collins. I’m taking AP Latin this year (yikes!!) but also French 4 because I love studying languages and linguistics! I am also super interested in all sorts of mythology, but especially classical! Other than JCL, I am also involved in my school’s treasury system, National Honor Society, and the Fort Collins Youth Advisory Board. I can’t wait for this amazing year and Convention! Feel free to contact me at


Jessie Barrington

Hi everyone! I’m Jessie Barrington, and I’m a sophomore at Liberty Common in Fort Collins. I’m this year’s CoJCL Parliamentarian. I’ve been in Latin since 6th grade, and it’s always been something that I really enjoy doing. My other hobbies are reading, horseback riding, and spending time outdoors! I am currently involved in LCHS’s yearbook committee, so I have plenty of experience! I am very excited to make this year’s convention amazing! Please contact me at Thank You all!!

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Leah Huzjak

Salvete, omnes! My name is Leah, and I’m this year’s historian. I’m a senior at Cherry Creek High School taking AP Latin. I love studying Latin and Roman history, and I also enjoy science (especially astronomy and chemistry) and art. In my free time, I paint, write, garden, and do Tae Kwon Do. I’m so excited to help COJCL make another fun and memorable year. Feel free to contact me at

Anina Peersen

My name is Anina Peersen and I am this year’s CoJCL Editor! I am a junior at Liberty Common High School and am currently in AP Latin. I have been doing latin for 6 years and JCL for 2 years so far. I am also junior editor of the Liberty yearbook, a counselor for summer camps, and have been playing soccer since I was 4. I enjoy studying latin and the classics. Please contact me at!

Communications Coordinator
Taylor Reinke

Salvete! I’m Taylor Reinke, your Communication Coordinator, or CoCo for short. I have been studying Latin since 4th grade, and am from Liberty Common High School. I also love leadership, robotics, volleyball, and track – yes I’m an extreme nerd and athlete at the same time. This is my 8th year of Latin, and 2nd year of JCL. I’ll be working on the website this year, and I’m excited for next year! If you need anything, feel free to contact me at!


Our Wonderful Co-Chairs


Mr. Gumerlock
Holy Family High School
Mr. Gumerlock has taught Latin at Holy Family High School for fourteen years. Before that he taught Latin at Doherty High School. I look forward to working with the co-chairs and the officers for a great year of Colorado Junior Classical League events.
Mrs. Collins Salvēte! I remember when one of my high school Latin teachers started a JCL chapter at my high school in Houston, convincing some of my friends and me to serve as the first club officers. I was the treasurer and boy did we sell a lot of donuts that year to raise funds for state convention! After a sideline computer programming career before launching full-time into Latin & Greek via grad school, I started or grew JCL clubs in each school where I taught (from Palma HS in Salinas, CA to Fountain Valley School & The Classical Academy in CO). What do I love most about JCL? My friends! I get to serve as Co-Chair with some of them this year and see others at COJCL each year and NJCL every few years. If you haven’t been to NJCL yet, check it out at & make plans to get there ASAP!
Mr. Kem
Liberty Common High School
Salvēte!  Marques Kem sum, et linguam Latīnam iam multōs annōs doceō.  This is my fifteenth year teaching at Liberty Common in Fort Collins.  I’ve either been studying or teaching Latin every year since 1993.  This is LCHS’s fourth year with a JCL chapter, and I’m very proud of my students, five of whom are statewide officers!
Ms. Karppinen
Lone Pine Classical School
Salvēte! I began teaching high school in 1999, and have been teaching Latin at Lone Pine Classical School since 2003. (Lone Pine offers Latin classes online, mostly for homeschoolers.) I began my Latin adventures in 1990 with the excellent Candace Zagrans Day at Lahser High School in Michigan, and despite teaching various subjects (from biology, chemistry, and math to software engineering), have always come back to Latin, which is my favorite. Lone Pine is thrilled to be a member of COJCL, and I am very happy to serve as a State Co-Chair for the next four years.

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