State Convention!


We’re looking forward to the contests at State Convention!

Here is the link to the registration packet for convention. Please download this, save it as a NEW GOOGLE DOC, fill this out, and share it with karp1248@gmail.com2016-2017 Convention Registration

Here is the information packet relating to convention. Many of the details concerning convention plus deadline dates, applications for state officers, and othe forms can be found in this packet. 2016-2017 Convention Information Packet

Please see the COJCL Handbook 2013 for most contest details. Please also see the NATIONAL JCL WHITE BOOKLET (2014) for contest details and more information. We default to the national rules for events, unless other COJCL-specific directions are provided in the COJCL Handbook or registration packet (which your sponsors would tell you).

Pre-Convention Contests (due in December 2012) – Essay, T-shirt design, board game design, poetry, program cover design, video. (Each school can enter only one submission per category.)

Olympika: You can compete in up to four pool relay races OR various “track and field events” (e.g. throwing a toothpick “javelin”).

Arts and Handicrafts: Each student can enter up to five pieces. Categories are: Map, chart, poster, ink drawing, mosaic, pencil drawing, photography (traditional or computer-enhanced), jewelry, cartoon, greeting card, sculpture, pottery, charcoal, small or large models, watercolor, oil/acrylic, decorative stitching, mixed media, militaria, misc., pastels, dolls, other textiles. What are the rules? Here is the NJCL White Booklet, containing rules for all events. Creative Arts begin on page 17, and Graphic Arts (arts and handicrafts) begin on page 23. (Some events are done a bit differently at COJCL State Convention, but the Graphic Arts rules apply.)

Academic Tests: Each student can take up to three. Test topics are: Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Vocabulary, Derivatives, Myths, Mottoes and Proverbs, Latin Literature, Greek History, Roman History, Roman Daily Life, Ancient Geography, Academic Decathlon (questions from all 10 areas).

…..Want to prepare for Academic Tests? Try these: (YOUR SPONSORS CAN GET KEYS FROM THE SPONSORS’ PAGE!!!) Also, please ask your sponsors if they have copies from any of the missing years; they can give them to Ms. Karppinen from Lone Pine to scan and add to this page.

Performing Arts: Dramatic interpretation, Latin oratory, English oratory, costume, drama, skit. Each school can enter one student per sub-category (e.g. Latin Oratory Level II Boys)

Certamen! Each student can enter one four-student team per division (Latin 1 and 2 are Lower Division, Latin 3, 4, 5/6/AP are Upper Division). Teams compete in two preliminary rounds, then the top three teams per division complete in the finals.

…..Want to prepare for Certamen? Try these:



Non-COJCL Contests:


The National Roman Civilization Exam

The National Classical Etymology Exam

Go crazy! Many NJCL Contests, including a Creative Writing Contest which you can submit to your sponsor via email.

Mail-Order Tests: (Ask your sponsors to order these for you)

The National Latin Exam

For younger students, the Exploratory Latin Exam

The Medusa Mythology Exam

For younger students, the National Mythology Exam

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