Spirit Competition

Spirit is a competition that runs from summer through Convention (mid-April) each year. Schools try to earn as many spirit points as possible, in the hopes of bringing home a duckie to display with pride for the following school year!

HERE is where the points will be displayed once schools begin winning them. Watch this area for updates throughout the year!

Please remind your sponsors to turn in their Academic Tests and Chapter Registration (COJCL and NJCL) by October 15th – that will earn you some spirit points.

Spirit Competition rules, updated 8/13/2012:

PRE-CONVENTION SPIRIT PRIZE (prize: medium duck)

  • Publications (3-5 points for each newsletter as judged by CoJCL Editor)
  • Community Outreach (15 points per action/event, need photo evidence)
  • Event attendance (if at least one student from your school attends Classics Day or other announced COJCL events, you get 10 points)
  • Teachers submitting tests (9/5) and registration materials (10/15) ON TIME (10 points for test in on time, 10 points for registration)
  • Sending pictures and write-ups of your Latin Club events to the COJCL Historian and Editor (10 pts per submission [articles, cartoons, etc.], 3 per photo, maximum 40 points per event)

AT-CONVENTION SPIRIT PRIZE (prize: one large duck each)


  • Pre-convention spirit prize winners get points (20, 15, 10 for top three in each league)
  • Roll Call (30, 20, 10 pts for top three, judged by officers [two officer-judges per league, no officer will judge their own school])
  • Cheers (20, 15, 10 pts for top three)
  • Event entrance per capita (total number of events divided by total people) (30, 20, 10 pts for top three)
  • Good faith points (at officers’ and sponsors’ discretion, often awarded for showing support for another school)
  • School themes/coordinated t-shirts (15 points for a school that has school shirts or a school dress theme)

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